How It's Made

Each sphere is made up of 180 precisely cut triangles. The triangles are assembled into 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. These shapes are all glued together to form a ball with 180 flat facets. This rough ball is sanded on a lathe to form a true smooth sphere. Clear laquer is applied and rubbed to a satin sheen.

About The Artist

I have many memories of my childhood with my dad in his wood shop. My favorite place to play was down below the wood lathe surrounded by wood blocks and sawdust. I learned to work with wood from him, mostly by watching and "getting in his way". He worked second shift as a machinist at Caterpillar tractor Co., but spent most of his mornings working with wood. He taught me about precision measuring as well as working by sight and feel. After this informal training, going into the woodworking business just seemed natural.

What People Say

Fabulous pieces
To sit on a table or hang on your wall

Beautiful work! Very intricate and precise. Lovely wall hangings too, especially in groupings.

Such skill and talent, ending up in real beauty!

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